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Why Creative Commons?

It’s my dream to release as much of my writing as possible in a license that allows it to be shared and downloaded freely, and freely remixed, adapted, and built upon even commercially. I want little or no barriers between my work and those who wish to read it. And I want you, if my work inspires you, to build upon my creations and enhance your own life by profiting through your work. I believe all writers and artists, no matter the source material they’re building on, should have the chance to profit from their own work.

Most (if not all) of the fiction text I’ve posted on this site is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, which means you can do all of the things I’ve listed above, as long as you credit me as the original creator, list the changes (if any) you’ve made, and release anything new you’ve made under the same license, so the sharing of love can continue. You can take a thousand word story that inspires you and write a ten book epic and launch it on Amazon, or record and podcast your own audiobook version through your Patreon, or make your movie and gain ad revenue on Youtube. You can download any ebook versions (or make your own ebook version and list it for download) and share them with your friends.

Everything I’ve released in Creative Commons is clearly marked at the end of its post. If it’s not marked clearly as Creative Commons it might still be in all rights reserved copyright (like stories I’ve sold to magazines that are still under exclusivity). But I’m putting up much of my back catalog of stories in Creative Commons as well. Anything I’ve released in Creative Commons will always be in Creative Commons, so no worries about the license changing at a later time!

I hope you enjoy reading and building on my work! If you’re ever unsure if what you’d like to do is covered by the license, just drop me a note. And if you make anything new, I’d love so much to see it and promote your own work where I can!

If what I’m creating has value to you and you’d like to help support me in creating and releasing more works like this, I have donation links in my sidebar and the end of each post.

Here’s hoping to make the world a better place with the open sharing of ideas, information, and creation.