I aim to make my stock image licensing as simple and accessible as possible! If you have any questions, please contact me.


All stock images released under a non-exclusive SINGLE USER EXTENDED LICENSE have the following terms:

Once purchased, you, a single user, may use these images for an unlimited number of projects, both personal and commercial.

You may not resell these images without incorporating them into your own projects. You may not resell these images as stock. You may not transfer this license or redistribute these images as-is to any other person. You may not use these images in a logo or a trademark.

(Basically: have fun, make cool art, sell your art to clients or in merchandise like prints. Don't resell these as stock, or slap them onto a t-shirt without making your own art. And don't share these files with your friends--share this page or the Gumroad link instead!)

Attribution is not required, but greatly appreciated!