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Novae Caelum

EARLY ACCESS: Borrowed Wings: Lyr and Cavere Book 2

EARLY ACCESS: Borrowed Wings: Lyr and Cavere Book 2


Con man Anais Cavere has been obsessed with the immortal Barenin Lyr for most of his life--and now he's met Barenin. And now he's in love. But Barenin's people have no plans to let the two of them stay together, chasing them across the galaxy until they have no choice but to take refuge among the Eshi, a race of winged telepaths who are at an uneasy truce with the human worlds. Can Anais and Barenin stay true even in enemy territory?

Borrowed Wings is currently FINISHED posting on:

Kindle Vella (Early Access)

Read ongoing episodes as they're posted weekly! The first three episodes are free (for the first season only), then you can unlock episodes with tokens based on how long the episode is (10 tokens = 1000 words). 

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Kindle Vella can be read in browsers, in the Kindle app, and in Kindle Fire devices. What you buy is yours to keep. Reading on Kindle Vella will not include the final ebook.

Read on Kindle Vella

Note: Kindle Vella is currently only available in the US. If you're not in the US, Laterpress is an excellent option!

Laterpress (Early Access)

With early access through Laterpress, read ahead of the published book before everyone else while I'm writing it, and get the final ebook when it's published!

How does it work? The first chapter is free to read on Laterpress. To access the second chapter, you'll be prompted to sign up for an account on Laterpress, direct through me, and can choose the option to buy early access to this book for $15 (or $10 one month after it's finished posting when the ARC ebook goes up). When the final ebook is published, the price will go down to match ebook pricing everywhere. You can also subscribe to all of my books for a year for $50 (this includes all past and current books, ebooks, and early access). If you choose the yearly subscription, it renews yearly unless cancelled. 

If a book is ongoing, new chapters are posted weekly, and sometimes more frequently as well. If a book is finished, you can access all previous chapters, as well as the ARC ebook a month after the book's completion, and the final ebook around 3-4 months later (usually a few weeks ahead of publication everywhere else). You'll be notified by email of new chapters as they're posted so you won't miss any!

You can access your chapters and ebook (once finished) through the Laterpress link above and read in the online ereader on desktop and mobile. Make sure to bookmark the Laterpress link! If you ever lose it, though, you can find it back here, and on the final ebook listing as well.

Get Early Access on Laterpress for $10

Borrowed Wings is also available in early access on Kindle Vella. This does not include the final ebook.

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