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The Space Roads: Space Watch on the Colossus

"Mom! Where's my phone?" You jump up from the boxes scattered about your cabin on your family's new starship and run toward the cockpit. You don't have far to run. This stupid ship only has two decks, and the one below you is all taken up with the engines and equipment. And you've been forbidden to go there because you don't have your spacer's rating yet.

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The Space Roads: Table of Contents

Ever want to explore interstellar space? In these loosely interconnected stories, you're the main character. You're the one who's just discovered a new world, or running from monsters on a derelict warship. You're the one who's feeling the wind of an alien planet on your face, or negotiating a con with an alien crime boss in a crowded station thoroughfare.

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The Space Roads: Baptism of Fire

You've always wondered why it is customary for captains to clasp their hands behind their back during battle and stand in front of their command chair instead of sitting in it. Sitting makes more sense, as the ship could buck at any time. But you understand now, as you stand with your feet planted on the textured deck of your Imperial battle cruiser, hands clasped so tightly there might be bruises tomorrow--if you live to see tomorrow.

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The Space Roads: Sound

There's not supposed to be sound in space. You know this. It's one of the first things anyone learns before hiking it up to the great unknown: sound doesn't travel in a vacuum, because there's nothing to carry its vibration.

So why, as you and your salvage partner walk through the claustrophobic, black metal corridors of the First Empire derelict cruiser, do you hear ticking?

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