How do I get my ebooks/audiobooks?

I use the service Bookfunnel to automatically send an email to you with download links to get your books after purchase. With Bookfunnel, you can then send your ebooks to your favorite ereader, read them with Bookfunnel online, or use the code they provide to load them into the Bookfunnel app. Audiobooks are great in the Bookfunnel app!


Where are my books?

Bookfunnel will send an email with download links to your ebooks or audiobooks right after purchase. This usually arrives instantly.

Sometimes, if a payment is delayed at the payment processor (this can sometimes happen if you paid with Paypal), it can take up to an hour for the email from Bookfunnel to arrive.

If you didn't get an email from Bookfunnel after an hour, please look in your spam folder. And if you don't see it there, please contact me. I want to make sure you get your books!


Can I get my signed copy personalized? 

Sure! Send me a message right after you order with your order number and how you'd like your book(s) to be made out. Please be sure to do this immediately after ordering so I don't pack your books in the meantime and miss your personalization! I can't refund books for missed personalization.


Are your books appropriate for my teenager?

While everyone is different, I can offer some content guidance here! Most of my books are rated PG-13 to R, and none of them are spicy (I'm an ace author and I personally don't like to read or write spice!) There are some sex scenes in some of my books, but they are mostly non-descriptive, focus on emotions, and/or fade to black.

The Stars and Green Magics series is PG-13 with a very few non-descriptive or fade to black scenes across the series.

The Lyr and Cavere series is a tad more adult and R, and has slightly sexier scenes (but still mostly non-descriptive--there are more frank discussions of body and gender in this series). 

The King's Weaver series is PG-13 and upper YA--there is a non-descriptive scene in the first book.

Magnificent is YA and R for content matter (more because it deals with bullying and SI).

Please do read my extensive content notes! And feel free to ask if you have any questions!


I have a sensitivity concern, are you open to hearing about that? 

Absolutely. Having diverse and inclusive books is really important to me, and I do my very best, but we all have unconscious bias. If you have a concern about something in my books, please reach out!


Do you ship internationally?

I do! That said, there are some countries I can't currently ship to. If you are able to check out, I can ship to your country.


Do you offer any audiobooks that aren't digitally (AI) narrated?

Not at this time, no. 


Do you use AI in your work?

The simple answer is yes, I do! I've been working with generative AI for over a year now, and have incorporated it into my art, covers, and more recently into help with outlining, research, brainstorming, and exploratory drafting (basically, the draft before the actual first draft).

The more complex answer is that I'm both a design professional (I've worked as a full-time professional book cover designer, and have been designing professionally since 2009) and a publishing professional (I've been traditionally published in short story markets since 2014), and am an expert in both fields. I know how to use AI tools to make my own ideas and writing better, and do things I could never accomplish on my own, and get you the high-quality books that are on my heart.

My books, whether written without AI or assisted with AI, always have my heart, voice, and my whole self baked in. My art, either generated with AI and then heavily modified into a design, or designed or illustrated from scratch, or made with a combination of both, are my heart and my vision. I can do things with generative AI art that I could not without, like put photo-realistic queer and trans characters on the covers that were not available in stock image sites. And this has my full heart. Rep for the win!


That said, if you'd like a breakdown:

The Stars and Green Magics series has had almost no AI assistance at all in the text (most of it was written pre-AI). A few header quotes in later books were rephrased with AI. A few chapters in my most recent books use AI assistance (brainstorming, plotting, exploratory drafting). All final drafts are 99-100% my own words.

The King's Weaver was my original idea that I then brainstormed, outlined, and exploratory drafted heavily with AI, but the final book is 99% rewritten and has parts that were 100% originated by me. This book is, truly, a synthesis of what authors can do using the help of AI to write better, deeper, more meaningful books. The first AI generation was for ideas and structure only. I've been redrafting and then heavily editing my own new drafts since March, as I do with all my books AI assisted or not, and still have a ways to go to finish.

My covers for my books are generally created with a combination of Midjourney, Adobe generative AI, Dalle-3, stock images, Topaz AI, Photoshop, blood, sweat, and (happy) tears.

My coloring books are made with a combination of Midjourney (the base images), my adjustments and fixes in Photoshop, and layout in Affinity Publisher.

My swag and merch are often (but not always) a mix of Midjourney, Dalle-3, Photoshop, Topaz AI, and other tools to get the best possible images. Some merch may be completely my own art.

My audiobooks use AI text-to-speech technology and are made with Google's audiobook creator or other tts engines such as Microsoft's Azure.