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Aspen Meadowlark

EARLY ACCESS: The King's Weaver

EARLY ACCESS: The King's Weaver


My mother betrothed me to a murderer. 

Everyone thinks Torovan, the newly-crowned king of Barella, killed his father. Handsome and tempestuous, he certainly has the temper for it. And me, third daughter of a rival queen? I've got less than a year until the knot is tied. 

But I'm determined to meet him before I marry him. I've got magic, I've got a disguise, and the king won't see this woman coming--because I'm trying out to be his court mage as a man. 

I just didn't expect him to fall for me anyway.

The King's Weaver is a sweet and slow burn fantasy romance for readers who love arranged marriage tropes, hidden identity, a woman disguised as a man, enemies to loves, bi romance, and a queer awakening.

Aspen Meadowlark is the fantasy romance pen name of Novae Caelum.

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