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Novae Caelum

Lives on Other Worlds: Short Stories (Ebook)

Lives on Other Worlds: Short Stories (Ebook)

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Lives on Other Worlds is a collection of eight previously released short stories by Novae Caelum from science fiction to slipstream to fantasy to steampunk. Aliens and queerness and parallel worlds abound!

Stories included in this collection: 

  • Two Galaxies Colliding
  • Possibilities of a Quantum Soul
  • The Most Absurd Dance at the End of the Worlds
  • Evaluation Notes for Candidates in the Shape-shifter Intelligence Program
  • Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formery Ryan Andrew Curran (Human English Translated to Sedrayin)
  • The Monastery of the Parallels
  • What We Found at the Edge of a Black Hole
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