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Magnificent: A Nonbinary Superhero Novella (AI Audiobook)

Magnificent: A Nonbinary Superhero Novella (AI Audiobook)

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The world wants me to be a "normal" hero, but I'm genderqueer, and I'm never going to fit into their molds. So how do you save the world when you're just trying to figure out who you are?

Having a superpowered family is hard. My dad's a famous superhero and my mom used to be a villain. Toss in my older sister who loves showing off her powers almost as much as she loves boys and you basically have my life: far from ordinary.

All I ever wanted to do was fly with my family and help save the world. But I didn't get my own powers until bullies cornered me for not acting like the person they thought I was and I had to defend myself. Having a secret identity is hard, but there's more than one kind of mask, and I can't wear my masks much longer. I'll soon find out if the world's ready for a genderqueer hero.

Magnificent is a nonbinary transgender superhero novella with lots of heart, big issues, a bit of snark, and a happy, triumphant ending.

Published by Robot Dinosaur Press.

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