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The Nameless Storm Patreon Exclusive (Not for Sale)

The Nameless Storm Patreon Exclusive (Not for Sale)

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  • Signed by the author!
  • You'll get the swag shown in the pics!
  • Ships in 3-5 business days


Note: I'm offering both origami wrapped packaging like in my viral video and a new standard option for less! I have a limited number of origami wrapped books each day. Please see the full details below. 


Dressa trusted the woman she married, the woman she loved, but that woman betrayed her. Imorie thought they could reclaim their life of power, but they gave it up to help a friend. And Rhys, unwitting envoy to the unknowable Kidaa, is navigating uncharted space with no compass. With the ruling family crumbling and the kingdom in an uproar, can these royal siblings navigate the coming storm?

The Nameless Storm collects episodes 151-196 of The Stars and Green Magics, previously published in serial form.

Note: This book has main characters who use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them/their, fae/faer/faerself).


What's in this order:

- Signed paperback of The Nameless Storm (Book 5)

- Double-sided art card (Dressa, Lesander)

- Double-sided character card (Imorie, Eti)

- Double-sided space bookmark

You can get your book with two different styles of packaging! 

With Standard Packaging (Option A) your book will be signed and packed with your stickers and a thank you note inside a clear bubble bag, and then packed inside an outer bubble mailer.

With Origami Wrapping (Option B) your book will be signed and fancy wrapped in black paper with the stickers tucked inside, then placed inside a clear bubble bag, and then inside an outer bubble mailer. (I have a limited number of origami wrapped books each day, as these do take a lot of time.)

There may be some slight variation in packaging and stickers from the videos, depending on the supplies I have on hand.

Shapeshifting powers, forbidden love, and a kingdom hanging in the balance.

🏳️‍🌈 Sapphic arranged marriage

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans and nonbinary main characters

👑 Royal court intrigue

👥 Shapeshifters

🪄 Space magic

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Shipping Policy

All signed books are shipped within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase.

Due to high order demand, I can no longer personalize individual books. Signed books will always be signed, however!

International customers are responsible for all import customs and duties fees that may be charged by their country. If you can check out, we can ship to your country.

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