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The Truthspoken Heir: The Stars and Green Magics Book 1 (Ebook)

The Truthspoken Heir: The Stars and Green Magics Book 1 (Ebook)

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Arianna’s always been the perfect Truthspoken Heir, the obedient future ruler of her interstellar kingdom. But when Arianna’s royal shapeshifting abilities fail her publicly and disastrously at her engagement ball, she suddenly finds herself on the outside of the life she called her own.

Dressa’s the perfect socialite, the opposite of her older sister’s rigid control. When her sister goes down with a mysterious illness and is sent away from court, Dressa’s thrust into a position she never wanted. She’s ordered to impersonate her sister—her body, her name, her personality, everything—and court her sister’s bride-to-be.

Who’s gorgeous. And who’s likely been sent to take her family down.

Can Dressa resist falling for her sister’s bride?

Can Arianna find a way to take back her own name and position?

When the stakes are the kingdom and control has been their whole lives, these siblings must find a way to make their lives their own.

The Truthspoken Heir collects episodes 1-36 of The Stars and Green Magics, previously published in serial form, as well as three all new beginning episodes!

Note: This book has main characters who use gender neutral pronouns (they/them/their, fae/faer/faerself).


Praise for The Truthspoken Heir

“A powerful tale of intrigue and identity, duty and desperation, The Truthspoken Heir traps its well-written leads in endless paranoia amid scheming royals, star-crossed lovers-to-be, and the unraveling of carefully laid plans—and maybe a galaxy-spanning empire—by one rebellious heart.”
— Gregory D. Little, author of The Last Humans
“A vibrant, sparkling, fantastically queer space opera with sweeping scale, fantastic characters, and exciting plot turns! Spaceships and magic and representation galore.”
— Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, author of The Wolf Among the Wild Hunt

* * *
The Stars and Green Magics is a WINNER of the 2022 Laterpress Genre Fiction Contest Fellowship!

Published by Robot Dinosaur Press.
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